Ups Solutions

The energy crises in Pakistan has increased the demand for UPS units. Keeping in view of the rising demands, we offer the best APC ups at low price rate in Pakistan.

We offer APC branded UPS in Pakistan at affordable prices so that your business is not affected due to power outages. Having the latest voltage protection systems installed in the UPS, they make sure that your electrical appliances are safe from any danger that can be causes to a surge in voltage. APC brand provides one of the best ups in Pakistan.



Online (double conversion) battery backup uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) also known as active battery backup uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) always have backup power engaged. They convert all input AC electricity to DC, then back to clean AC in real-time creating complete separation from power issues coming from the wall receptacle. The output voltage and frequency on online (double conversion) systems is tightly regulated, not bypassed. This is the highest level of power protection available. The power provided by these systems is cleaner than the power coming from the power grid or an unprotected wall receptacle. Designed specifically for process control, IT Data Centers and Industrial applications. Our UPS systems utilize state of the art PWM technology, incorporating high power IGBT semiconductors.


Line-interactive UPSs provide automatic voltage regulation when low voltage or high voltage conditions occur. Line-interactive UPSs fall between an on-line and stand-by in terms of cost and performance. This type of UPS tends to preserve battery life because it is not constantly switching to battery mode in areas plagued with brownouts. In a blackout situation, all our line-interactive UPSs switch to battery mode in milliseconds. Additionally, line-interactive units provide protection from spikes and surges, plus RFI and EMI filtering.

Dynamic Solutions offers several series of affordably priced line-interactive UPSs and including short & Long backup support.

Industrial Ups Series

Proven Industrial UPS power protection for control applications and harsh environments.

Continuity of process control is critical across a wide range of Industrial segments: Water/Waste Water, Biotech / Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Semiconductor, Automotive, Renewable Energy. Equipment utilized in these segments is often subjected to harsh environments including wide temperature ranges or air characteristics with elevated moisture and salt content. APC offers a range of UPS solutions for industrial control applications including communication accessories for dry contact I/O, Modbus and network management. During a power event, whether the requirement is safe shutdown or maintaining data integrity, the APC industrial UPS solution provides reliable protection.

We offer high-quality UPS, Powerware of APC UPS brand for commercial & industrial customers with the highest quality and competitive prices in-line with other premium-quality UPS brands in the market.

Power surges, drop-outs, and power failures can spell real danger, with data loss and even equipment damage potentially resulting in loss of business. Hello Ruchna Communications  power products keep your business running smooth and safe from these loses.

Our customers will always have the confidence of receiving the best products and solutions available in the market as well as a comprehensive range of services and professional personnel, along with our commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and a customer-oriented business approach.

After-sales and services

Hello Ruchna Communications  is committed to providing customers with highly responsive and cost-effective services to attain smooth operations and increase customer equipment reliability, resulting in a longer life cycle. Our team is committed and dedicated to satisfying the customers. Eaton worldwide factory certified trained engineers are available to assist the customers in any critical situation.