Solar System

Solar Panels in Pakistan

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and store them in battery packs that can be used to power up your house or office. We offer solar panels in Pakistan at reasonable prices so that everyone can benefit from going solar.

Our solar panels are long lasting and require no maintenance. We make sure that we provide the very best quality panels so that they can absorb energy without wasting any.


Solar Power Solutions Company Pakistan

Since the past 27 years, we are proudly serving as the finest solar company in Pakistan. At Hello Ruchna Communications, we believe that going solar is the way forward. Having served tons of clients we are one of the largest solutions provider company of solar energy offering solutions and services across Pakistan We take pride in doing what we are best at delivering solar energy solutions for a better tomorrow. Solar power is a natural source of renewable energy, this means we will never run out of it. Going solar will help you save thousands of rupees on electricity bills monthly, and how much you can save depends on the size of the solar system and your usage. Since you will be storing energy from the sun in batteries, you won’t have to use the government supplied electricity that will significantly reduce the utility bills. You can benefit from solar power in many ways. Like industries and offices, we also provide solar energy system for home in Pakistan, which saves a lot of money end of the day. Solar energy is environment friendly because you don’t have to burn oil or coal to generate electricity. It is the sun’s energy that is stored in batteries so that can be used to power up your home, office or even factories. There is hardly any maintenance required and we provide 20-25 years of warranty on our panels. We help you install and maintain solar energy system for home and business in Pakistan to help maximize savings. When load shedding in Pakistan is at its peak, solar power is the perfect solution as an alternate source of energy. There is hardly any maintenance required after the installation & since Solar is the future, we make sure that our prices are competitive maintaining high quality standards.